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  • Shelf Continental Plus AL by Joe Colombo

    Shelf Continental Plus AL

    by Joe Colombo

  • Onda by Joe Colombo

    Sofa Onda

    by Joe Colombo

Joe Colombo

( Milano 1930 - 1971 )

Joe Colombo, one of the most representative designers of modern times, after experiences in various fields, from 1963 devotes himself to the design of products for industrial mass-production, many of those objects, assembled in different ways, look as true product's systems. In 1966 he becomes part of Domusricerca and takes part in the first "Eurodomus" exhibit, which is followed by a second edition and a third edition.
Experimenting new materials and using the most advanced technologies, he creates multifunctional units and futuristic habitats, like "VISIONA 1" for Bayer and "TOTAL FURNISHING" for the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
He obtains many quotations and Awards, i.e.: ln-Arch Award, three medals at the XIII Triennale, one of those in gold, two "COMPASSO D'ORO", the International Design Award in Chicago, the Tecnhotel and the S.M.A.U. Awards.
Many of his works have been exhibited and are part of the most important Museums' collections all over the world.